$20.00  Hourly,  $60 ½ Day (4hr),  $100 Full Day (8hr)

Kayak and Kayak Gear (drift sock, paddle,  net, PFD,   seat etc) = $25 ½ Day.;  $40.00 Full Day  

Rigged Fly Rod  = $10 ½ Day.;  $20.00 Full Day   

Note:  Rates start at lake meeting time. 

Note 2:  Waders are recommended for kayak fishing. I can recommend proper clothing based on conditions prior to outing.

KAYAK RIGGING and REPAIR SERVICES AS WELL:  Plastic welding,  camera rigging,  pole rigging,  nets,  drift socks,  paddles  etc.  Email for pricing.

FLY TYING:  To see examples of flies click here.

LINE INSTALLS:   Installation of fly lines,  leaders,  tippets,  etc.    Nail knots,  double nail knots with whip finish and sealant.